West Midlands Police had been looking for Anthony Russell in connection to the murder of a mother and son in Coventry and another woman in Leamington Spa. Julie Williams was found murdered in her home on Sunday, The following Monday, her son David Williams was found dead in another flat in the city. Then on Thursday, a woman identified as Nichola McGregor was found dead at Leamington Spa. Police believed that the same suspect was responsible for the three murders. In the early hours of Friday, October 30 the suspect was found inside a stolen car. He has been arrested for theft and murder

While patrolling the area in Rolleston-on-Dove, police discovered Russell in a red Ford C-Max which had been reported stolen on Wednesday, October 28. The police arrested the wanted man around 4 am today. He has been arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery of the vehicle and is also being held in police custody for questioning.

The hunt for Russell began after the murder of the mother and son. Police discovered Julie murdered inside her flat in Emily Smith House, Riley Square. They went to the home of the 58-year-old woman for a welfare check around 11 pm.

Meanwhile, Julie's son David had been missing since October 20. Police eventually discovered the 32-year-old's body in a nearby flat around 11:30 pm the following day, the Daily Mail reported. The search for the suspect began following the deaths.

Later in the week, the body of a third victim was discovered at Newbold Comyn, a park near Leamington Spa. The woman was identified as the missing McGregor. The 31-year-old woman's murder was also linked to that of the mother and son.

Police asked people to be on a lookout for Russell as he was considered to be a danger to the public. They also urged people to come forward with any information that could help with the investigation. Even though the 38-year-old suspect has been arrested, the police are still asking members of the public to share any relevant information.

The cause of death of the three victims has not been announced. Post-mortem examination of the bodies is to be conducted. The investigation into the triple murder continues.

Jasvir Ginday
West Midlands Police arrested triple murder suspect spotted in a stolen car by officers during patrol. (representational image)