Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in a scene for the video for her song Ready For It Youtube screengrab

Taylor Swift's latest album Reputation is gearing up to be as much a visual treat as a musical one. On 27 October, the singer dropped a hot new video for her track Ready For It and fans were up the (Twitter) wall with excitement.

The CGI-strong video is a big change from Swift's earlier ones like Bad Blood, Blank Space and Shake It off and, along with her first video from the album Look What You Made Me Do, shows a major shift in her creative style.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, Ready For It features cyborg-like characters, a very robotic looking Swift (on a very robotic looking white horse), and lots of lightning.

While most Swiftlets loved the visual spectacle as well as the 27-year-old's sexier new persona, others were still trying to wrap they're heads around it.

"I didn't understand anything at all but she looks so pretty," one person wrote on Twitter, while another posted: "I love you Taylor. Ready for it? music video is so amazing. Superb effects. But I just don't get it. What is happening?"

Others compared her robotic self to the AI in Westworld or the one from Blade Runner, and some even attempted to explain that the video showed Swift's attempt to break away from the public image that she had been confined to till now.