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Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters, fronted by Dave Grohl, will not be at Glastonbury Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Google trends UK – Top 5

Chelsea begin their attempt to win back-to-back titles against Swansea Getty

Twitter trends UK – Top 10 (as of 11.30pm BST)

Facebook trends Top 5

  • Brian Belo: Reality TV personality threatens to leave 'Big Brother 16'
  • KFC: US customer says fast food chain served him deep fried rat
  • The Princess Diaries: Disney working on 3rd film in franchise, report says
  • Maisie Williams: 'Game of Thrones' actress posts reaction to show's season 5 finale on social media
  • Dominican Republic: Non-citizens face deportation ahead of deadline to establish legal residency
Donald Trump
Reality TV star and businessman Donald Trump is running for US president Getty

Alexa Trends – Top 10

1. NBA

2. Donald Trump

3. Andre Iguodala

4. Steve Kerr

5. Stephen Curry

6. Rachel Dolezal

7. Golden State Warriors

8. Jurassic World

9. Rotten Tomatoes

10. Trump for President

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