A restaurant in China has sparked controversy after it offered discounts to women according to their bra size.

The company's advert said that women with an A-cup would receive a 5% discount, while a purchaser whose breast size is close to a G-cup would get a 65% discount.

Trendy Shrimp restaurant in a Hangzhou city mall, located in Zhejiang put up the poster on 1 August, showing a line-up of cartoon women in their underwear with the caption: "The whole city is looking for BREASTS."

According to Qianjiang Evening Post, the eatery has claimed that the bigger the bust, the larger the discount.

However, the restaurant's marketing strategy has not gone down well with patrons who have complained to city officials that the poster is vulgar and "discriminatory towards women".

Following complaints Trendy Shrimp pulled down the poster, but its general manager Lan Shenggang defended their sales strategy and said that their scheme was mostly aimed at "young people", who are "very open-minded" these days.

"Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%. Some of the girls we met were very proud — they had nothing to hide," Lan said,

"The poster has been removed, but our discount activities continue," he added.

Apparently the concession was calculated on a "visual" basis, and not by actually measurement. Besides, it was waitresses who cleared the bill, not male staff.

"We would apologise for all the guests who entered the store, and told the discount was cancelled, but we have been planning a new [discount] program to launch," the restaurant boss said.

This is not the first time Chinese restaurants have offered bizarre discounts. In 2015, an eatery in east China had offered discounts to women wearing miniskirts — with shorter dresses earning cheaper meals. Staff members at Yang Jia Hot Pot in Jinan city were even pictured measuring women's miniskirts for the concessions.