US President Barack Obama's final State of the Union Address will be the last major official speech by him since he took over seven years ago. He is expected to touch upon an array of subjects ranging from his achievements to his challenges, most of which will be less policy heavy and reflect on his time at the presidency.

The White House too is in the mood to give Obama a perfect farewell. "Whether you use a smart TV, web browser, mobile device, or tablet there's a way for you to watch the president's speech as it happens and on-demand," wrote White House Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman in a blog post.

The speech will take place on Tuesday, January 12, at 9 pm ET at the House Chamber in the US Capitol. Here are some of the places you can tune into to watch Obama bid farewell though his last official address.

Live stream

White House official site: Most reliable of all the sources to watch the address online will be the official White House site which has made every arrangement to make sure Obama's last address is digitally accessible to all. Those who wish to look back on the Obama years can also see his past addresses at the official White House site - click here. It will also be available on the White House's official YouTube channel.

Social Media: Video excerpts of the speech will be released in real-time on Facebook and Twitter. There will also be live GIFs on Tumblr and the popular 6-second videos on Vine along with photos on Instagram.


Every major US news channel as well as international ones will be airing the address live. PBS has already made its link for the live broadcast available. If you are keen on opinions before and after the speech these will be the channels to watch out for as some have even started teasing their panellists lined up for the big night.

News websites are also most likely to back-link it to either YouTube or the White House stream.


If you are on the move and still want to tune into what Obama has to say, you can catch him on the good old radio on mostly all major radio stations across the US. National Public Radio will be your best bet.

Amazon Video will not live-stream Tuesday night's address, but it will make the video available to all customers the next day. It will make the speech available free and on-demand across various internet-connected devices. Like the White House site, it will also give access to past addresses.


Here is a video preview of what to expect from Obama's last official address put up by the White House.