Doughnuts are delicious, there is no question about that, but where can you get the best ones in London? To celebrate National Doughnut Week we have scoured the capital for the top offerings that are worth indulging in.

Bird − locations in Islington, Camden and Shoreditch

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Bird might offer its fried chicken gluten-free but there is none of that when it comes to their doughnuts. The ice-cream doughnut sandwich is a force to be reckoned with, filled with cream and dripping chocolate sauce. You can also opt for the breakfast alternative and go for the iced doughnut bacon sandwich with maple syrup.

Crosstown Doughnuts − located across London

If you're craving doughnuts but also want to pretend that you're still being slightly healthy then Crosstown are the ones to go for. Made with light and fluffy sourdough, these are a sweet treat with a slightly savoury undertone that works perfectly. Toppings range from Matcha to coconut and the fillings are just as exciting, ranging from Dulche de Leche to chilli dark chocolate. These certainly outdo your average jam-filled classic.

Bread Ahead − Borough Market

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It is almost impossible to walk through Borough Market and not pick up one of Bread Ahead's delicious and enormous doughnuts that are lined up at the front of its stall begging to be eaten. The head chef was previously at St John, so you might be able to see a cross-over in the delicious offerings from the two, but at £2.50 each you cannot go wrong. The team at Bread Ahead also offer doughnut-making courses for those who want to be able to make their own.

Dum Dum - located across London

Dum Dum claim to be the first brand to combine the croissant with the classic doughnut for an original baked recipe that is crispy, buttery but with the same fluffy texture of a doughnut, and they have truly owned it. With 9 flavours to choose from daily including creme brulee, toffee apple and pistachio, these patented patisserie treats are one of a kind. Luckily there are sold all over London so you can get your hands on them easily.

St John - located across London

St John have always been fine purveyors of deep fried goodness and their doughnuts are pretty famous around town now. No fuss, classic dough filled with an array of seasonally available fillings from chocolate and honeycomb to rhubard jam. They are the perfect accompaniment to the restaurant's playful and intriguing menu.

Duck and Waffle - 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

Duck and Waffle were never going to be run of the mill with their doughnut selection and thank god because their spicy ox cheek doughnut filled with apricot jam is probably one of the best things you will ever order at brunch. Don't let anyone offer to share this with you because that is impossible.