Barack Obama
Barack Obama will deliver his first speech since Trump took office Alex Wong/Getty Images

Barack Obama is returning to the city where his political career began to deliver his first speech since stepping down as President of the United States, leaving the job to Donald Trump.

On Monday 24 April, Obama will attend an event at the University of Chicago to talk about civic engagement and youth leadership.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the event –but you can still watch without a ticket or outside of the US. The event will begin at 11am CT – 5pm BST – at the University of Illinois Chicago's Logan Center for the Arts building.

The university will be livestreaming Obama's speech and it will also be televised.

"A Conversation with President Obama and Young Leaders" is a part of Obama's post-office goal to encourage and support future leaders around the country and the world.

Young adults from Chicago area schools have been invited to participate in Monday's meeting to discuss ways to improve society.

The invitation-only event is billed as part of Obama's post-presidency aim to support the "next generation of leaders", according to Bloomberg.

Ahead of the speech, the former president spent Sunday meeting with at-risk young men and boys in Chicago.

Although the event comes just days before Donald Trump reaches his 100-day mark in office, Obama is not expected to address the issue.