Justin Trudeau
Trudeau's Liberals won 184 of the 338 electoral districts in the federal election Reuters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to address the World Economic Forum with a key opening speech as world business leaders and politicians meet in Davos, Switzerland.

The Canadian PM's office has said Trudeau is to speak on his election pledges of infrastructure investment, tax reform and other measures intended to invigorate his country's economy.

Trudeau is also set to answer questions on the path Canada will take during his premiership and its role in the wider world. The Prime Minister committed his Liberal government to limiting the deficit to C$10bn (£4.8m, $6.8m). CBC reported however that the state of government tax coffers has forced the Canadian leader into a partial U-turn on the issue.

Trudeau has said he will soften his stance on the deficit in the future. "The core argument that we are looking to make," CBC quoted a spokesperson for his office as saying. "If you're looking for a positive, resilient, diverse place to invest, that Canada is the best option, or it's certainly [among] the top of the options," they added.

You can watch Trudeau speak at the World Economic Forum's live feed here. He is expected to speak in an opening slot at the forum in one of the key speeches.