Oscar Ortega-Hernandez
White House shooting suspect Oscar Ortega-Hernandez Reuters

A man accused of firing shots into the White House has been charged with attempted assassination of President Barack Obama.

Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, 21, of Idaho Falls was arrested following the 11 Nov shooting and faces 17 charges, including attempting to assassinate the president and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama were in California at the time of the shooting. One bullet hit one of a White House window but was stopped by ballistic-proof glass. There were no injuries.

A psychiatric evaluation found Ortega-Hernandez to be mentally stable and able to stand trial. If convicted, he may be sentenced for life. AFP reported that he intends to plead not guilty to all charges.

Ortega-Hernandez had described Obama as the "devil" and the "anti-Christ" and was on a personal mission from God to attack the White House, according to court papers.

He was arrested near the Pennsylvania border, 300 miles away. Police found an abandoned Honda Accord with Idaho licence plates and an assault rifle and ammunition inside along with brass knuckles and an aluminium baseball bat.

Forensic experts claimed to have made a ballistics match between ammunition found in the car and a buller in the grounds of the Whie House.