The St Mark's School of Texas, a nonsectarian preparatory day school for boys, has condemned its alumnus and white nationalist leader Richard B Spencer for a speech he delivered at the National Policy Institute.

Headmaster of the top school in Dallas, David Dini released a statement without referring to Spencer by name, but referred to a video which showed the former student shout Nazi propaganda in the speech at a white nationalist conference reportedly held to celebrate Trump's victory. At the end of the speech, many of those who attended the conference raised their arms in Nazi salutes.

"This has been deeply troubling and terribly upsetting to our whole school community. At St. Mark's, we reject racism and bigotry in all its forms and expressions," said Dini and added that Spencer's views and words "conflict directly with our core values and principles".

"We remain deeply committed to including and valuing all students of different backgrounds, races, religions, beliefs, and experiences, and our commitment to those ideals is paramount and immutable," he said in a statement posted on the school's Facebook page.

Ex-classmates of Spencer also condemned his statements and set up an online fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee to resettle refugees in Dallas.

Ben Kusin, one of Spencer's classmates said: "This issue hits deep – not just for me but for everyone. When you see something like this, you have to say something. He wants to expel all these non-white Europeans from this country ... Our countermeasure was supporting refugees coming into this country."