It was the death of a musical legend which stunned the world and now audio of the emergency phone call made to police moments after Whitney Houston was found dead has been released by police in Beverley Hills.

The singer died two months ago. She was in the bath of the room she was staying in at the Beverley Hills Hilton hotel. Toxicology reports showed cocaine in her body, indicating 'chronic use', according to the coroner. Ms Houston was in town with her daughter to attend The Grammy Awards the next night.

"911 OPERATOR: 911 emergency.

CALLER: Hi how are you doing, this is security from Beverly Hilton.

911 OPERATOR: Hi, what's going on

CALLER: I need the paramedics. Apparently I've got a 46-year-old female found in the bathroom. That's all I've got right now, but they're requesting paramedics.

911 OPERATOR: She was found in the bathroom, what room is she in?

CALLER: I'm not sure. She fell or she was in the bathroom with the water. 464, 434 I'm sorry.

911 OPERATOR: That's room 434? Ok. That's not east or west or anything, that's room 434?


911 OPERATOR: Okay and you don't know if she's conscious or breathing at all?

CALLER: Uh, apparently she wasn't breathing and she's 46 years old.

911 OPERATOR: She was not breathing? Okay, but she is breathing right now?

CALLER: I don't know. The person that called me was irate and pretty much out of there. There's security going there now.

911 OPERATOR: Okay, we'll send police and fire over there with that person not breathing. Did it sound like the person was still not breathing?

CALLER: Yes, that's correct.

911 OPERATOR: Okay we'll get in there for not breathing. Is there any way you can get me to the room so we can try and do CPR?

CALLER: Yeah, we're going in there now.

911 OPERATOR: Can you get me into the room so I can try and give CPR instructions.

CALLER: Oh I'm sorry, uh, no, because she kept hanging up on us.

911 OPERATOR: She kept hanging up on you?


911 OPERATOR: Okay right we're going to get right over there.

CALLER: Okay, thank you, bye."

Officers have now closed the investigation into her death, saying they've not found any evidence to suggest Ms Houston died of anything else other than accidental drowning.