Casting JonBenet

It's the American murder mystery that has kept everyone wondering for the past two decades. But now, Netflix documentary Casting JonBenét has its own theory.

The new small screen offering delves into the unsolved murder of the six-year-old beauty queen who was found dead in her family home in Boulder, Colorado, in December 1996.

Set to be aired for the first time on Netflix this Friday (28 April), it claims that JonBenét was murdered by a paedophile sex ring.

Locals in Boulder have made disturbing and unsubstantiated allegations on camera while auditioning for the new documentary about the murder, which has sparked a global buzz.

One hopeful says: "There was a lot of talk that there was a child porn ring going on in Boulder," while another adds: "This is Boulder, that is what you have to deal with, but I thought there was some sort of sexual escapade that got out of hand."

Continuing to address the rumours following the murder, another claims: "It's always somebody you know, 9 times out of 10 it's always somebody you know."

Other theories emerge, during the auditioning process, as people share their own ideas of what happened to the little girl, who was found dead in the basement of her family home with duct tape over her mouth and a nylon cord around her wrists and neck.

The documentary interviews a number of resident's from JonBenét's hometown to play the roles of key people connected to the murder case, setting out to find actors to play the likes of Patsy and John Ramsey, brother Burke Ramsey and paedophile John Mark Carr, who falsely confessed to the killing.

On 26 December 1996, John Ramsey and two of his friends began their search for JonBenét in the family home. After searching the bathroom and "the train room", they went into a "wine cellar" room – the basement – where John found his daughter's body covered in her special white blanket.

The results of the autopsy revealed that JonBenét was murdered by strangulation and a skull fracture. In February 2009, the Boulder Police Department took the case back from the district attorney and reopened the investigation. The case remains unsolved to this day, despite several grand jury hearings.