Mhairi Black of the SNP
Black has found Westminster 'depressing' since joining in 2015 Getty

Mhairi Black made history in 2015 by becoming Britain's youngest-ever MP at 20-years-old. Now the SNP member has said that she may stand down after single term.

The outspoken politician, has admitted she finds being in the House of Commons "depressing" despite two years in her role as Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP.

Mhairi Black Factfile:

  • Age: 22
  • Birth: Paisley, Scotland
  • Education: Lourdes Seconday School
  • University: University of Glasgow
  • Seat: Paisley and Renfrewshire South

The 22-year-old told the Sunday Post: "It has been nearly two years and I still hate the place.
"It is the personal elements – it is a pain to come up and down every week and you are working with a number of people you find quite troubling.

"Professionally, it is more just that so little gets done. It is so old and defunct in terms of its systems and procedures – a lot of the time, it is just a waste of time."

So after just a single term, Black's time in the House of Commons could be coming to an end sooner than expected.

But who is Mhairi Black?

Black was catapulted onto the national scene after defeating Labour's shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander by 5,684 votes.

Despite her youth she was already and experienced speaker before entering Parliament after being heavily involved in the 2014 Scottish referendum.

Joining the SNP just a year before the election, she has long been schooled in her disdain for "new Labour", and her loathing of Margaret Thatcher, by her father Alan, a 55-year-old retired teacher who she says was once a "diehard" Labour man.

A self-confessed 'political geek, she also loves football, supporting Partick Thistle. She proudly claims she was one of the first girls to play for her school football team.

She has courted controversy due to her remarks on Twitter about Celtic Football Club, writing in October 2013 "I've only just realised - I really f***** hate Celtic" and "Celtic, yer a joke!#scum".

She also admits that being caught on camera saying she wanted to "stick the nut on" - head butt - Labour councillors after the referendum result was not the "wisest phrase", insisting it was typical west of Scotland banter.