Bernie Sanders Jeremy Corbyn
Bernie Sanders (L) and Jeremy Corbyn (R) are old-school left-wingers taking their parties by storm Getty

Is Bernie Sanders the Jeremy Corbyn of the US, and vice-versa? Both sprung from relative obscurity to the top of their parties, projected by a whoosh of anti-establishment feeling after years of financial crisis, unpopular wars and a sense of disconnect between politicians and the people.

Sanders, a Vermont senator, is leading the polls over his rival Hillary Clinton in the race to become the Democrat presidential candidate. Corbyn, a long-time MP for Islington North, won the leadership of the Labour party in September 2015, having scraped on to the ballot paper earlier in the year. A handful of so-called 'pity' nominations by party colleagues opened the door for Corbyn, only for him to dominate the contest against Labour moderates.

Both men, who have passed retirement age but show no signs of stopping, are staunchly of the political left. So how true is the idea that they are like two red peas in a pod? Take this quiz to see if you can tell who said what – was it Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders?