Professional eSports player Cheon "Promise" Min-Ki is in a critical condition after he attempted suicide earlier this morning.

Reports indicate that he jumped from a twelve-storey building and is now in a coma. There is no information on the extent of the injuries, but several League of Legends insiders have posted updates on Twitter:

Why Did he Attempt Suicide?

According to a lengthy suicide note that he left on Facebook before making the jump, Min-ki indicated that his team, AHQ Korea, was involved in throwing professional games during the 2013 competitive season.

He went on to detail two specific games, the ones against CJ Entus Frost and KT Rolster Bullets.

The translation read "Our matches versus KTB (game 1&2) and versus CJF (game 1&2) were supposed to be fixed. If you look at all four games, you'll see that we gave first blood every time. We were losing in game 1 against KT, but then we came back. We knew at that point we could win the game, but in my mind we had to lose."

He goes on to add that the team was apparently created by the manager for the sole purpose of throwing games and loosing on purpose.

His post also goes on to detail how he was allegedly threatened by team manager Noh Dae Chu if he tried to win.

"When we first made the team, we were told that AHQ sponsored us with cash and computers. We didn't know they only gave us gaming gear for rights to the team name. Our manager Noh had lied to us, and took out a loan to pay for our housing, living expenses, computers, and even our salaries. He was planning on placing illegal bets on eSports games and fixing them to win back the borrowed money and make a profit. "

If that wasn't bad enough, the manager allegedly went to the extent of selling off their training computers after apparently claiming that he couldn't pay their rent.

"Later on, I contacted AHQ and talked to their management in Taiwan. They denied ever donating any money or computers. They only donated gaming gear meant for the players themselves, not manager Noh. I asked if we could keep rest of the gear for practice and they approved. Eventually, we discovered that Noh was selling our practice computers so he could pay off his debts and run...

"...we confronted Noh and announced we're leaving the team. We demanded payment for the months that he still owed us. Noh responded that he couldn't give us the money right away, but he would instead waive the 50% commission that AHQ claimed on prize money. Since we previously talked to AHQ management, the entire team already knew Noh was lying. AHQ never sponsored us with cash, never had rights to prize money and the computers didn't belong to them, so who is he trying to pay money back to?

"I'm not in this world after 5 minutes, AHQ Korea was a team made by Noh to profit off illegal gambling, teammates didn't know and we had to fix games because of this. AHQ Taiwan never sponsored our team, it was a lie. I am sorry for all of this, and I can't tell you everything, but I'm leaving now as I cant deal with this anymore", said Promise, ending his post.

Have a look at the entire post here.