Robbie Williams has revealed some crazy stories about himself in the past. Like the time the British pop-rock star appeared on the Graham Norton Show and disclosed how in his youth he allowed an unknown woman to masturbate him in the room of a castle he had rented.

Now, another crazy story about the Angels singer has been published by The Sun, claiming that the 43-year-old gifted a signet ring made from a mould of his manhood to his close friend to mark a bonding session, adding that the friend returned the favour with a ring made in the shape of a penis.

According to the publication, the mould of Williams' penis was made and then reduced to a smaller size and cast in metal. The ex-Take That singer reportedly made the ring after spending a rowdy evening with one of his close friends.

"It's a lot of effort to go through but it was well worth it for both sides. Robbie is clearly body confident, especially in regards to what's inside his trousers," a source close to the singer told the publication.

The source added, "The gift is obviously a bit of a comedy present but it's also a very personal touch."

In 2015, Williams opened up about his manhood and told The Sun that his penis is "quite small" even though he had told his former girlfriends that it looks small as he has "massive thighs".

"I've said to past girlfriends 'it's not a small c**k, I've got massive thighs and it's an optical illusion. It's not though, it really is quite small," he told the publication. "If I had an extra inch and a half I'd be a naturist. I haven't, so I'm not.''