Will I Am
Will.i.am as Donald T Rump in the Funny Or Die video Funny Or Die

Will.i.am has got on board the 'Trump p***y' train in a recently released video on Funny or Die music. The rapper dons a blonde wig and suit to play "Donald T Rump" as he spars with singer Liane V during a 'presidential debate' in the Grab'm By The P***y song.

"I'm a star 'cause I made it/ I'm rich and I'm famous," the Black Eyed Peas front man kicks off the song. "Donald Trump said to grab'm by the p***y / Donald Trump said to grab'm by the p***y."

Liane interjects with the lines: "No, you got it all wrong/ I'm a woman/ and I'm strong/ and don't you forget it."

Will.i.am's band member Apl.de.Ap also features in the video, playing a moderator for the debate. He asks T Rump what he plans to do about the war in Afghanistan and the killing of innocent black men. "Tell me how you gonna make America great again/What you gonna do when they only wanna hate again?"

All through the video, a news banner scrolls headlines like T Rump assaulting women, being criticised by the Black community and so on.

At the end of the song, Will.i.am sans costume gets serious about the elections. "Donald Trump does not look like the president of the United States of America, nor should he be. If this was a TV show, maybe I would watch it... it would be pretty funny. If it was a movie I would probably go and spend my money to see this circus of a show," he says. "But... this is real life, with real life problems."

He urges Americans to register to vote and to go ahead and appoint a worthy president. "We need a leader who will not only lead America but will help heal the world. It's obvious... it's Hillary."

Warning: The video below contains foul language.