Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel/Sony

Director Jon Watts has landed a pretty big gig in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man reboot, but he seems quite excited and upbeat about tackling the popular franchise and rebooting it in the world of The Avengers.

"Working with Marvel and Sony, I feel like there's a lot of support in place. It doesn't feel like I'm alone in a room with the burden of making this movie all on my shoulders. It's a really sort of nurturing and collaborative environment that they've created. So right now, it feels good and very positive and very creative. It's fun! I'm having a blast," the director told IGN in a recent interview.

While the director did not share much in terms of plot details for the upcoming film, he did sort of tease a rumour that's already been circulating online - that Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark/ Iron Man will feature in the solo Spider-Man flick.

When asked which Marvel movies he liked best, Watts replied that he enjoyed seeing how all of the movies connect and specifically mentioned that he liked watching "the Stark family continuity throughout the movies, seeing Tony's dad in the first Captain America, things like that."

Based on this statement, ComicBookMovie speculates, "It's not too revealing, but considering there's been rumblings that Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man may show up in Spidey's solo feature, it should be worth noting that Watts mentioned the Stark family by name." Marvel's Spider-Man is slated to be released on 28 July, 2017.