New Zealander William Trubridge set a new world record by diving 122m below the ocean's surface at the annual Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas on 30 April. Trubridge, who hosts the annual freediving competition, spent four minutes and 24 seconds under water in Dean's Blue Hole, a popular freediving spot.

The world record is Trubridge's 16th in the sport and he remains the only human diver to descend deeper than 91m under water. This record beat his previous world record depth of 121m set in 2011 at Dean's Blue Hole.

Vertical Blue kicked off on 22 April, with 36 world-class athletes from 20 different countries joining Trubridge. The freediving depth-competition is the sporting event of the year for elite competitive freedivers and has been dubbed the "Wimbledon of freediving" by the NY Times.

Comprised of three depth disciplines: Constant Weight (CWT), Constant No-Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM), the AIDA (International Association for Development of Apnea)-judged competition offers competitors six official dives to challenge themselves and their rivals to obtain the coveted Vertical Blue Championship title.