Windows Phone's new Mango operating system is set to appear on a slew of new smartphones, including one made by Galaxy S2 creator Samsung.

The revelation came during a presentation at its Worldwide Partner Conference in LA.

Though details are currently scarce the new Samsung handset looked similar in kind to the company's perennially popular Galaxy S2.

The only immediately obvious difference between the new handset and the S2 was that the new device was housed in a rounder looking case than its Android sibling.

Despite this, Microsoft representatives promised that the handset when launched would have an improved screen, better battery life and a thinner lighter case than Samsung's current Omnia 7 Windows Phone.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Fujitsu offered a startling pink handset. The company boasted that it was water resistant indicating that, like the forthcoming Sony Xperia Active, it may have its eyes set on stealing the Defy's current robust smartphone share of the market.

Unfortunately the smartphones offered by Acer and ZTE were less interesting, looking more akin to the current black-brick designs currently all-the-rage for Windows Phones.

The phones all looked to be running with the latest Mango version of the Windows Phone 7 OS.

This would mean that upon release the smartphones will be competing against a slew of new handsets, the biggest of which being Nokia's forthcoming "Sea Ray" -- a device that looks remarkably similar to Nokia's MeeGo powered N9 smartphone.