Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson was today sentenced to life in prison for murdering her 11-month-old son Berkshire Police

A mother has today been sentenced to life in prison for killing her 11-month-old son.

Emma Wilson, from Windsor, will serve at least 14 years behind bars after she battered son Callum to death in March 2011.

She was convicted in December after jurors took 10 hours to return a guilty verdict.

Appearing at the Old Bailey, Judge Justice Kramer told Wilson: "You are adept at lying and displayed a total lack of emotion throughout the trial.

"You must have been the person who caused his injuries."

During the five-week trial jurors were told how Wilson inflicted an "unsurvivable brain injury" on her toddler before blaming his two-year-old brother.

Callum suffered nine fractured ribs, a broken leg and arm and Wilson later buried his severely bruised body at an unmarked communal grave.

Before the baby died Wilson posed next to her son for a photo showing his injuries.

Emma Wilson will serve at least 14 years behind bars for murdering her 11-month-son

After Wilson was found guilty, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Hunter said the trial had taken its toll on those involved.

He said: "This case has been a harrowing and emotional journey for all involved.

"Callum's life was cruelly cut short. Our thoughts will always be with Callum."

A web of deceit and neglect was portrayed to jurors throughout the case, during which it emerged Wilson left her new-born son in Wexham Park Hospital after he was born on April 23, 2010.

It also came to light that Wilson claimed to playground staff that Callum was in fact her cousin's son.

She also provided a false surname and address for the child and claimed that bruising on Callum's face had been caused by a fictitious older sister.

Adrian Foster, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said he hoped the sentence would provide some solace for Callum's family.