Armin Schmieder
Armin Schmieder, 28, told his followers on social media before his last, fateful jump: 'Today you fly with me' Facebook/Armin Schmieder

An Italian wingsuit jumper has live-streamed his own death on to Facebook after an adrenaline fuelled jump he had hoped to share with his fans took a deadly turn.

Armin Schmieder, 28, an experienced sky diver who had been doing wingsuit jumps for more than a year, told his followers on social media before his last, fateful jump "today you fly with me".

He can be seen preparing himself for the jump at the summit of Kandersteg in the Swiss alps. Wearing a GoPro camera on his head as he unfurled the large wings of his suit, he can be seen putting his phone in his pocket just before he jumps.

Soon after, the video, which was shown live on Facebook, went dark. But a loud shout was heard.

It was at this point fans watching online realised something had gone wrong, the Daily Mirror reported.

One watcher begged Schmieder to give some kind of indication he was still alive.

"Write or say something," they posted on the social media site. However, when no response came police were sent to the scene to inspect further.

Officials in Switzerland have confirmed that Schmieder was killed in the accident the direct reason for his death has not been released. It is not clear whether his wingsuit malfunctioned or if his tragic death was due to a mistake.

The thrill-seeker's death follows the deaths of three women, one of them a British national, in the French alps. The trio were killed in an avalanche on the Mont Maudit, the Cursed mountain. Two of their bodies were found within 24 hours of their disappearance, however, one body was carried further away.

Authorities said that large blocks of ice carried the last body away, making it harder to find.