• Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have won a combined 48 Grand Slams.
  • However, the 36-year-old Swiss ace believes the game will continue to produce champions long after they retire.

Roger Federer finds it hard to see any future player reaching double digits in Grand Slam wins but does not believe tennis will suffer when today's top players eventually call it a day.

Federer continued his career resurgence by winning the Australian Open back in January in what was a record 20th Grand Slam victory.

He followed it up by becoming the oldest world number one in tennis history during the Rotterdam Open, which he also won last month.

After a drought of over four years, the Swiss legend has since gone on to win three Grand Slams, and with his closest competitors being Rafael Nadal (16) and Novak Djokovic (12), the 36-year-old does not seen any future player emulating the trio.

"It is definitely hard to see one player right now getting 10 slams," Federer was quoted as saying by Fox Sports Australia. "It is much easier to say that probably a lot of guys are going to win a slam or two but winning 10 slams is not something you can predict, people didn't predict that with me to be honest.

"Maybe with Rafa [Nadal] with the French Open, you say yes, he is going to grab a few there. Maybe he is going to win five [he has 10 to his name] as he was an amazing junior as well like Bjorn Borg, they were the best teenagers we ever had in the game.

"Once you get rolling like Novak and I did, all of a sudden, you don't look back, then a few years later, you do look back and you have eight or 10 Grand Slam titles, it's crazy. Confidence and momentum are a big thing. When you unlock your game through success or a coach explains the one ingredient that is missing, then that can change things."

Despite the younger players still being without a Grand Slam title unlike him, Nadal and Djokovic back in their earlier days, Federer believes tennis will still be exciting when the trio retire.

"Someone will follow in our footsteps and be a champion," Federer added.

"We are a shadow over the game, the top guys, and clearly, we don't allow them [the younger ones] to completely flourish. But once we are gone, I think it will still be very, very exciting."

Djokovic, Nadal and Federer
Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have won a combined 48 Grand Slam titles Getty