A video from space shows how the deadly snowstorm currently causing problems from southern US through to the north east of the country has been moving.

Nasa satellite footage shows how Winter Storm Pax has moved over the last three days, with the development and movement of clouds being shown.

The film also shows the progression of the frontal system and related low pressure areas that have created the massive winter storm.

"The video also shows the snow-covered ground over the Great Lakes region and Ohio Valley that stretches to northern New England."

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service said there are warnings in place from Texas to New England, with snow expected to continue and bring "freezing rain" to the Carolinas.

More snow and ice storm warnings have been issued for the Mid-Atlantic States and central Georgia.

According to The Weather Channel, Pax could dump up to 18 inches of snow across parts of the US, with New York expected to get an inch every hour during the morning.

In Boston, snow now will be accompanied by strong winds, which will reduce the visibility, with freezing rain also expected to cause tree branches to snap and fall.

In Washington, streets were deserted with many staying at home after 11 inches of snow fell. Federal offices and two airports were closed in the city.

Hundreds of people are without power and it is believed Pax has claimed dozens of lives.

Over 3,000 flights were cancelled and the National Weather Service described the storm as "paralysing" and "catastrophic".