A British man hung a dog up on a hook by its collar, stabbed it and burnt it alive in an appalling display of animal cruelty.

Jamie Weir, 21, of Home Farm Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, buried the Staffordshire bull terrier after inflicting a slow and painful death upon it.

Weir admitted to tormenting the animal, Jack, and said he had done so because he "had never liked the dog," according to the Liverpool Echo.

Wirral Magistrates Court heard that the local branch of the RSPCA received a report of a half-buried dog in the garden of a home in Corbyn Street, Wallasey, on 18 November.

RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes discovered Jack's corpse in a mound of soil and rubble.

He said: "The dog, who belonged to Jamie's then-girlfriend's mum, went for a post-mortem examination and it showed that there were horrific injuries to his body indicating he had been subject to sustained attacks and torture.

"Weir admitted to beating him with a stick and hanging him from his collar on a coat hook on the wall, where he was then stabbed numerous times."

"It is likely that the dog was dying, but was still alive. He was then taken out into the garden and set on fire before being hastily buried," he added.

Weir was today (21 April) sentenced to 24 weeks in prison, which will be served after he completes a four year stretch he is presently doing for a separate arson offence. He was also banned from owning animals for the rest of his life and will face costs of £536 ($690) and must pay a £115 victim surcharge.

Joynes said: "In interview, Weir admitted he had carried out this horrific act as he had never liked the dog.

"It is sickening to think what Jack went through – it is completely stomach-churning. He was tormented and tortured to death in the worst imaginable way.

"There was no way Jack could have escaped from this horrific act of cruelty – he stood no chance. Jack would have been terrified and in so much pain.

"It is absolutely horrific what he went through and it still sickens me today."