Filming for "The Witcher" Season 2 resumed on Aug. 17 and details about a possible big action sequence happening in the early part of the season have leaked.

It is nearly a month since production restarted and yet set photos and spoilers for the upcoming season remain scarce. This is unlike the first months of filming for the installment in March, when set photos were practically all over the internet. This is probably because of the strict social distancing protocols in the U.K. where the Netflix TV show films.

Regardless, sources with knowledge of the production teased that fans are in for a big action sequence in "The Witcher" Season 2. This scene reportedly happens in Kaer Morhen, the stronghold of the witchers.

This action scene involves several other witchers including the previously announced new cast members: Lambert (Paul Bullion), Vesemir (Kim Bodnia), Eskel (Thue Ersted Rasmussen), Hemrik (Joel Adrian), and Coen (Yasen Atour). Ciri (Freya Allan) and Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) are there too.

According to Redanian Intelligence, it is likely that stunt actors Jota Castellano, Max Kraus, and Chuey Okoye are in the fight as well. It is not yet known what or why these witchers are fighting at Kaer Morhen. They must be fighting something massive and strong if it calls for a band of monster hunters to overcome.

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Previous reports teased at the appearance of the monster Leshy in "The Witcher" Season 2. This mythological forest monster looks like a cross between a deer and a wildcat. It lives only to kill. It devours its prey whole using its strong fangs and sharp claws.

The Leshy is difficult to defeat because it can shift shape. It can take the shape of a harmless old man or shift into a tree branch to camouflage with its natural habitat. It can also call on the help of a pack of wolves or crows. This would probably explain why several withers are needed to defeat the creature.

On the other hand, this big fight scene with the Leshy at Kaer Morhen is mere speculation for now. Perhaps more details will come out as filming for "The Witcher" Season 2 continues.

Freya Allan, Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra
Freya Allan, Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con International, for "The Witcher", at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons