A young mother was raped as she walked to a bridge where she was planning to take her own life.

The 25-year-old, who had recently split up from husband left her 2-year-old child with her mother and at midnight left her home.

As she headed for a bridge in Omsk, Russia, she was assaulted and raped by a stranger.

After the assault the woman sat on the edge of the bridge, intending to jump, but was talked down by a passing taxi driver.

"I rescued her, she was raped by some b*****d, and she wanted to jump down,' Yevgeny told SuperOmsk news website.

"I don't even remember what words I found to rescue her. The main thing is that I managed to persuade her away from death."

The cab driver took her to a police station where she revealed her horrific ordeal to officers.

A 26 year old suspect has been arrested, the Russian Investigative Committee confirmed, Mail Online reports.

The woman is now receiving support from counsellors.