History has been witness to people falling in love with all sorts of weird things and people, but a woman from Oxfordshire in the UK has fallen in love with a dead man.

Brocarde,38, is a singer-songwriter by profession and claims that she fell in love with a Victorian soldier with whom she is all set to get married soon. He even proposed to her with a diamond ring!

He supposedly left the ring on her pillow after a fight between the two. She assumed that this must be her fiancé Edwardo's doing. She claims that she has been getting marriage proposals since the day she made her engagement public.

She says that men have flooded her e-mails with all sorts of weird proposals and have been imploring her to leave Edwardo for them. Brocarde claims that she has received as many as 10,000 messages.

"The messages are hilarious; one guy wanted us to sleep in a coffin, another collected taxidermy insects and another's biggest selling point is being 'alive' – I mean, what more could you possibly want?" she said.

One man said that she was too "stunning to get hitched to a dead man," and said that she must marry him instead because "he is alive," unlike Edwardo.

Another wrote: "Omg don't marry that psychotic spirit, marry me. I will treat you right and not scare you like that! I can leave messages in the shower and take you away for real."

Some even wrote poems for her in the hope that she might ditch her ghost fiancé someday. Brocarde claims that her fiancé is enraged with all these messages.

"I didn't say a word but Edwardo is furious about them, when I read them, the lights flickered like crazy, the room turned ice cold and my phone just went black and died. It wouldn't turn back on for hours even when I plugged it into its charger," per Brocarde.

"Mysteriously, when the power came back, several of the messages were in my trash folder so Edwardo is not amused," she added.

She says that Edwardo makes his presence felt by sending "hot and cold sensations" through her body. And that he wants a Victorian three-piece suit for their wedding, per a report in The Sun.

Ghost selfie
Ghost selfie (representation) Jessica Ogletree/ Facebook