Amanda Teague
Amanda Teague, a 45-year-old Dublin-based woman, spoke in details about dating a spirit of Loose Women Loose Women/ITV

Reality TV is stranger than fiction! Most recently, Valentine's special episode of the Loose Women left viewers in a state of shock after a "ghost bride" talked about her relationship with her husband, who happens to be a dead 18th-century pirate called Jack.

Amanda Teague, a 45-year-old Dublin-based woman, spoke in details about dating the spirit – whom she describes as having black hair though she has never seen him – and getting married to him in 2016.

On being quizzed about her married life and most importantly their bedroom antics, Amanda, to the surprise of the Loose Women panellists, revealed that she once had a pregnancy scare.

"I was involved with spirituality for about nine years, so for me to communicate with spirits was quite natural," she began, opening up about her meeting with the 300-year-old pirate spirit.

"The first thing he said to me was that he is dead. I knew that and obviously, I was quite suspicious because not all spirits are love and light," she says, adding, "There was about six months of communicating with this spirit before I accepted he was who he said he was."

This prompted Love Island's Kem to ask Amanda about her usual dating ritual, to which, the Jack Sparrow impersonator replied by dishing about her double dates along with another friend of hers.

"We do go on dates and I have a friend who is also in a relationship with Jack's best friends," she said. "We buy them a drink and get them a seat," the Dubliner explained adding that she does it out of respect even though they are unable to eat or drink.

However, her most shocking revelation was about her sex life with the ghost and an apparent pregnancy scare. "It was more a case I missed a month and I went to my GP and she said you have got to be pregnant. It turned out I was at the start of my menopause," the Loose Women guest revealed.

Her bizarre account has, unfailingly, garnered quite a response on social media, with most passing it off as a joke.

"This women is totally off her rocker!!! Sorry but that's what I think," a Loose Women viewer wrote, as another added, "Oh dear, she needs help!"

One user hilariously tweeted, "Why oh why did she have to be from Dublin."

"How spook-tacular!" joked another.