A baby named Cecilia was brought into the world on August 27 by her mother's murderer in a twisted pre-planned crime. Rozalba Grimm of Santa Catarina, Brazil, befriended the baby's mother Flávia Godinho while she was pregnant. Grimm's motive behind befriending the expecting mother was to steal her baby. After reportedly having a miscarriage, the suspect befriended multiple women before narrowing it down to her victim. The victim was found battered with a brick and with her abdomen cut open. The suspect was arrested after trying to pass off the baby as her own at a hospital. The newborn baby survived the ordeal.

Grimm and her partner, Zulmiar Schiestl, announced that they were expecting a child on November 17, 2019. The couple kept posting pictures and updates of the pregnancy until June. However, authorities believe that the woman suffered a miscarriage in January but her family was not informed.

Since her miscarriage, the 28-year-old started stalking pregnant women on social media sites. She befriended multiple pregnant women online before narrowing in on Godinho as she was expecting a girl. Grimm continued to keep up the pretence of being pregnant while getting close with her victim for weeks.

In the last week of August, when Godinho was 34-weeks pregnant, Grimm planned a baby shower for her. She then informed the guests that the event had been cancelled. Picking her friend up under the pretence of the baby shower, the suspect drove her to an old ceramic warehouse in Canelinha.

At the secluded scene, the 24-year-old victim was bashed on the head using a rock. The couple then reportedly extracted the baby prematurely by cutting the woman's abdomen open. A post mortem report is being awaited to determine if the baby was extracted while Godinho was still alive.

Grimm took the newborn to a hospital and claimed that she had given birth to the baby herself. The hospital staff became suspicious of the couple and informed the police.

Godinho had been reported missing the same evening after she failed to return home. The next day, August 28, her husband and mother found the woman brutally murdered. Grimm was known to be the last person the victim was seen with.

According to the Daily Mail, Grimm and her husband were arrested and charged with femicide, attempted murder, alleged childbirth, abduction of the incapacitated and concealment of a body.

Cecilia is reportedly under medical care at Joana de Gusmão Children's Hospital in Florianópolis after being birthed prematurely.

Pregnant woman
Woman befriended and murdered a pregnant woman to steal the unborn baby. (representational image)