The Indonesian town of Cianjur, West Java is the site of a curious incident that has the internet ablaze. A local woman named Siti Zainah has claimed that she was impregnated by a gust of wind and gave birth just an hour later.

The bizarre incident was narrated by the 25-year-old woman, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl despite her claims that she did not conceive via sexual intercourse.

Zainah explained that she suddenly found herself pregnant and ready to give birth within an hour one Wednesday afternoon. A statement from the clinic revealed that there did not seem to be anything unusual about the baby no the birth itself.

"After afternoon prayers, I was lying face down on the floor when I suddenly felt wind enter my body through my vagina," Zainah said, as quoted by Mashable.

Shortly after the "wind" entered her vagina, the woman claims that a bump in her abdominal area started to grow and she felt pain soon after. Within the same hour, she had given birth at a community clinic.

The unusual circumstances behind the birth gave way to some media attention. Local police has reportedly started investigating the "miracle" birth.

Zainah is not a first time mother, which rules out the possibility that perhaps she simply did not know what a pregnancy is like. She already has an older child with her ex-husband. The couple reportedly separated just four months before she gave birth to her "miracle" child, which does not exclude him as the possible father.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that she is using the bizarre story as an excuse to hide the chance that she conceived the child with someone other than her now estranged husband. The story may be her way of avoiding ridicule that comes with having a baby outside of her marriage.

Some incidents of women being unaware about their pregnancy until just moments before birth have previously been reported around the world. It is still unclear if this is the case here.

However, local police is adamant that there are no unnatural circumstances related to the incident.

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Newborn baby (representational image) Photo: Pixabay