A woman from Pentwyn, Cardiff, has claimed that her jealous lover once threw urine on her during their two-and-a-half year relationship. At a hearing in Merthyr Crown Court, Faye Hook claimed things got so bad that she feared for her life during her relationship with Robert Sheldon.

Her former partner allegedly controlled her life, including what she wore, who she interacted with on social media and who she socialised with. However, Sheldon, 32, has denied the charges and dismissed claims that he "controlled" Hook's life during their relationship, Wales Online reported.

In her plea, the mother-of-three said she met her former lover just months after she had split from her husband, with whom she was married for eight years. Hook and Sheldon eventually grew close and had their first meeting at Sheldon's place.

The couple subsequently decided to move in together and it was only then that Hook discovered her partner's jealous and possessive behaviour. "He would ask to see my phone and if I had any Whatsapp messages, he would demand to see them. If my friends texted me, he would read into them even if it was just an innocent message," she said in her court documents.

The couple began their relationship in 2014 and, at the time, Hook said that she was living "life to the full". However, things soon turned awkward after Sheldon started doubting all her activities, including her grocery shopping outings. "If I went to Sainsbury's for longer than an hour, he would question me and question my daughter to ask if I had talked to any men."

Hook said she initially considered his constant questioning as a gesture of love towards her, but soon realised that it was more than just that as he allegedly destroyed many of her phones to cut her off from social media and started commenting on her outfits for showing "too much cleavage".

"He smashed five of my phones up and he gave me a Nokia so I couldn't access social media, I could just text or call. He would say I was showing too much cleavage or too much leg and made me change on numerous occasions even if I went out with him," she said.

However, according to Hook, things went from bad to worse after a visit to a local pub where she met one of her father's friends. The incident triggered a fit of jealousy, with Sheldon allegedly urinating in a glass and throwing it over her before eating the earrings that he had gifted her.

"He said I had caused it and I was flirting. I knew from previous experience he would have a go, so I pretended to be asleep. In that time, he decided to urinate in a glass. He tipped it over me and took the earrings and decided to eat them," she claimed.

The whole ordeal left a major impact on Hook as she felt like she was "living in a trapped world" and that Sheldon's jealousy was destroying her.

In her court documents, she claimed that the above charges took place between December 2015 and 31 January, 2017.

The case still continues at the Merthyr Crown Court.