Police launched a search for the woman after her GPS led her into a flash flood and she was swept away police handout

A woman died after being caught in a flash flood when her GPS directed her off course and she was caught in a flash flood driving over a riverbed near the Catalan village of Sant Llorenç d'Hortons in Spain.

The 20-year-old was with her 19-year-old partner and was attempting to travel to a caravan park on Saturday (26 November) evening to attend a family celebration when she was caught in the flood about 45km (27 miles) inland from Barcelona, reported local media.

The GPS system mistake led the couple across a ford that is dry for most of the year but had filled due to flash floods.

As the couple tried to drive across the engine cut out and water gushed into the vehicle. As they tried to climb out and escape danger the man was able to grab the branch of a tree overhead but the woman was swept away by the torrent.

Catalan emergency services launched a search for the woman. Her body was found on Monday among debris under a bridge in Martorell 11.5km downstream.