Sammee Matthews
Twenty eight stone Sammee Matthews suffers from sitophilia, an erotic obsession with food.

A supersized US woman who has an erotic obsession with food has admitted to scoffing doughnuts while having sex.

Sammee Matthews, from Las Vegas, was diagnosed with sitophilia - a condition that gives her a constant sexual fixation with cakes and sweets.

As a result of the special form of fetishism, she achieves sexual arousal when eating food off another person's body and also uses food as a sexual stimulus.

The mum-of-two, who now weighs 28 stone, says that just the sight of a bakery makes her weak at the knees and out of breath.

And even love-making is not enough to distract her from lusting something after sweet. She often takes her treats into the bedroom.

Her love for the sugary snacks has contributed to weight gain which saw her tip the scales at 32 stone at her heaviest.

Matthews' fight against her obsession is the subject of US TV show, Fat for Cash.

The programme airs in the UK on Wednesday at 9pm as part of Channel 5's Supersize Season.