French police
French police took part in reviving the 'dead' woman in Paris iStock

A woman who was declared dead by paramedics in France was miraculously brought back to life by police an hour later.

Paramedics from the Salpetriere hospital in Paris had even wrote a death certificate for the 49-year-old woman after she suffered a cardiac arrest at her home in the 8th arrondissement.

Her 18-year-old daughter had found her on Thursday (20 April) on the floor of her first floor apartment in Square Dunois before she contacted emergency services.

The woman had reportedly suffered from health failures after she was diagnosed with anorexia in her twenties and a doctor had declared her dead at 6.10pm.

The paramedics had tried to revive her but said she was not breathing with a doctor signing the death certificate saying she had died "with a medico-legal impediment", a source said to the newspaper, Le Parisien.

Then, an hour later, when police arrived they lifted a blanket that was covering the woman to check the causes of death and, to their surprise, noticed movement in the woman's stomach.

Officers then took the woman's pulse and found that her heart was still beating and immediately began trying to resuscitate the woman.

Using a cardiac massage and CPR and with the help of firefighters, the woman began breathing again and was quickly transported to the intensive care unit in Necker hospital, where she is recovering.

The local mayor Jérôme Coumet told the newspaper: "This is a resurrection after Easter".

Whilst the local police alliance regional secretary, Yvan Assioma, called for the two officers to be honoured with a bravery and devotion award.

"A crazy story," he said. "Our colleagues thought we were in an episode of Walking Dead. Their reaction was salutary for the unhappy woman."