Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez Broken Arrow shootings
Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez (inset) admitted being a getaway driver for 3 burglars who were shot dead by a home-owner's son in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Wagoner County Sheriff's Office/Google streetview

A 21-year-old woman is facing three murder charges after admitting driving three burglars to a house in Oklahoma where they were all shot dead by the homeowner's son. Elizabeth Rodriguez voluntarily attended a police station to admit driving a car to a property where the two juveniles and a man aged 16, 17 and 18 - apparently planned to steal from a house.

The deceased, wearing masks, gloves and black clothing, were armed with a knife and knuckle dusters when they entered a property in Clearview Drive, Broken Arrow, about 20 miles southeast of Tulsa. They were challenged by the homeowner's son, 23, and following what was described as "a short exchange of words" he opened fire with what was reportedly an AR-15 rifle.

When police attended the scene they found two men shot dead in the kitchen. A third had made it out to the drive before collapsing.

Neither the home-owner or his son was injured in the incident, which came after a spate of burglaries in the area. Both voluntarily attended the police station to give statements.

Wagoner County Sheriff's office spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said the triple shooting appeared to be a case of self defence.

"Upon arrival to the scene, deputies discovered three individuals who were deceased," said Mahoney, reported Tulsa World. "Preliminary investigation indicates these three individuals showed up to this residence with the intent to burglarise it. These three individuals forced entry through a back sliding-glass door."

Elizabeth Rodriguez later turned herself in following the shooting and has been charged with three counts of first degree murder as well as three charges of first degree burglary. Under Oklahoma law a person can be charged with murder even if they didn't personally kill anyone. The three dead men have not yet been named. They are not believed to have known the man who shot them.