Thirty-three year old, Christa Hendershot, from New York spent a whopping £2,000 ($3,000) to make her hands "selfie worthy," by undergoing a hand rejuvenation procedure.

After getting engaged last fall, Hendershot was excited to show-off her engagement ring on social media, however, after taking several pictures she realized that her hands were not selfie worthy.

Hendershot then visited dermatologist surgeon, Dr. Ariel Ostad's, office in New York to undergo a procedure to rid herself of her "veiny hands" and "very red" knuckles.

"The veins are not as blue," Hendershot told ABC News minutes after the procedure.

Dr. Ostad said that there has been an influx of clients coming into his office for the procedure.

"I've noticed over the last six months, patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room. They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix," said Dr Ostad.

Other Selfie News

In other selfie news, a smartphone thief in Florida landed himself in trouble when he accidentally posted his selfie on his victim, Courtney Jiles's Facebook account.

The picture was captioned: "Earlymornin selfy lol."

"He had accidentally logged onto my Facebook instead of his when he turned it on and posted it to my Facebook instead of his own," said Jiles before adding, "Very dumb criminal, but works out for me I guess."

Fox 13 Tampa Bay reported that the selfie has now been handed over to the police who are investigating the case.

In Kerala, India, 14-year-old, Shihabuddin died in August, while attempting to take a standing selfie on top of a moving train unaware of a high voltage power line passing above his head.

In November 2013, 'selfie' was announced as the 'word of the year' by the Oxford English Dictionary.