A man in his 30s and a mother of six in her 40s were killed and a woman holding a baby was shot, when a gunman opened fire in a suspected gangland hit in Dublin.

It is believed that the shooter gained access to the property in Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun, around 4pm on Wednesday (16 August), by entering through the back garden.

The shots left three people injured, the woman holding the baby seriously.

Irish police, the Gardaí, have recovered a sub-machine gun and a handgun they believe may have been used. Two burned out vehicles close by were also found.

Although authorities have not revealed who they believe was the target of the attack it has been reported that the family may have been involved in a long-running feud in the area, in north Dublin.

The Mirror reported that the woman killed has been named locally as Antoinette Corbally while one child received minor injuries in the shooting.

It was also reported by the Irish Sun that the dead women, and another man who may have been the target of the shooting, were relatives of a man shot dead in Dublin in early 2014.

Gardai said a silver Opel Zafira and a Volkwagen Golf GTI were found partially burnt out a short distance from the scene of the shooting.

According to Dublin Live, the man died after being shot in the 'neck, heart and hand'.

Neighbour Carmel Byrne said she heard shots and "babies screaming" after the horrific shooting and tried to help one of the victims

"I tried my best to bring him back. I tried to keep the pressure on him while I was on the phone. I was pushing on his chest for a good while," she said.

The area was duly sealed off with forensic examinations taking place throughout the evening.