An anti-narcotics policeman examines a seized pack of cocaine (Reuters)

A 30-year-old Thai woman was arrested at Dubai International Airport for attempting to smuggle 1.2kgs of cocaine.

The woman, identified only as P.J, was found to be hiding three pouches of the drugs in her bra and around her legs, Gulf News reported.

The woman, who appeared before the Dubai Court on Thursday, pleaded guilty to the charges against her and told the court that she smuggled the cocaine from Brazil with the intention of transporting it via transit.

An Emirati policewoman said the women reached the arrivals terminal around 10.40pm on 18 April and said:

"My colleague suspected the defendant and asked her to head to the search room. I accompanied her for search. I realized that her breast was strangely and suspiciously bulgy. When I asked her to remove her clothes to check her, she refused. I insisted that she remove her clothes to search her... and so she took off her shirt. I realized that the bra was too big as if something was hidden inside it."

"When I checked the bra from the inside, I discovered a cocaine pouch that was wrapped with brown plastic tape. I also found two similar pouches hidden between the defendant's thighs. When I asked her about the findings, she claimed that she did not know anything about the content. Immediately the woman was referred to Dubai Police's anti-narcotics department for investigation," the policewoman added.

Drugs Prosecutors have asked for the strictest of punishments for the woman which could mean 15 years in jail and Dh 200, 000 (£36,317) fine.

Earlier in April this year, a British woman was arrested from Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina for smuggling cocaine worth £100,000 in her vagina.

The country's Ministry of Security stated at the time that the drugs weighed 850g, and were packed into a barrel-shaped object that resembled a mortadella (an Italian sausage).

A Mail Online report suggested that the woman was perhaps paid to transport drugs to the United Kingdom.