The woman was reportedly tasered three times Getty Images

A police offer in Mississippi shocked a woman with a stun gun despite the victim repeatedly screaming she was pregnant.

Aviana White, 27, was a passenger in her brother's car, who was speeding and driving without a license when they were pulled over by police in the Pass Christian area.

The Miami Herald reported that the officer was asking for White's details so that she would be able to drive her brother home.

But Police Chief Tim Hendricks said that White was acting in a defiant manner, which created a "heightened sense of awareness" in the officer.

White told the police officer that the law didn't require her to provide her name to the police and so she refused.

But it emerged that the reason she may have withheld her details was because she had an outstanding arrest warrant from 2014.

The siblings then called their mother, Mary Spear, to take the car from them.

When she arrived, a tow truck had been called and the brother, Miles Spear was subsequently arrested for disorderly driving.

Aviana White then walked off from the scene to make a call.

A nearby resident, Alicia Burton, was standing on her porch when she witnessed the scene escalate.

Burton said: "The officer got in her [White's] car, sped down to this girl, and the girl wasn't going nowhere, so it didn't have to escalate the way it did. I feel it could have went totally different if (the officer) had handled it different.

The officer ran towards White, who then screamed out "wait, I'm pregnant," resisting as the officer grabbed her and pinned her to the ground.

White then shouted out "don't Tase me, I'm pregnant!"

Burton said the officer "went to Tasing that girl all over her body", shocking White three times in the abdomen and on her leg.

White was then sent to hospital to be checked over. She was suffering from bruising.

"She was very defiant with the officer, and that's what led up to this," Hendricks said. "The officer asked her repeatedly to stay in the car and she refused to do that."

He added: "I think the charges are justified."

A review of the situation will take place in the coming days. Meanwhile, the officer in question is still working.