Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe believes Russia should be banned from world athletics after an independent commission found evidence of "state-supported" doping. "I've been a big advocate of lifetime bans because it's fraud," the British athlete said.

"Cheats are stealing a moment from a clean athlete that they can never, ever get back.

"Maybe it needs athletes pushing for bigger sanctions against cheaters.

"Do we need to say, as well as the tests, that we'll allow our homes to be searched? I'd personally sit there and take a lie detector test.

"It's about bigger steps, bigger sanctions," the 41-year-old told Sky News. Radcliffe has described the allegations against Russia as "damning and serious".

The three-time London Marathon winner said the revelations were "way worse" than she imagined and that athletics needs to take strong action to move in the right direction.

"This is the time clean athletes needs to stand up and fight for our sport and credibility," she tweeted.

IAAF president Lord Coe told the BBC that the Russian athletics federation, Araf, had been asked to respond to the allegations by the end of the week. The 59-year-old said that after reviewing the feedback the IAAF "would look at a range of options, including sanctions", which could result in suspension from the sport.

"I'm not putting in a time frame but I will do whatever is necessary. This is not a swift road back," he added.

Coe added that the Russians had a week to respond to the accusations. However, Russia's sports minister Vitaly Mutko denied any wrongdoing.

The commission's chairman, Dick Pound, who led a Wada news conference concerning the page report on Monday, also recommended that the Russian federation is banned from next year's Olympics.

"One of our hopes is they will volunteer to take the remedial work," he said according to a BBC report. "If they don't the outcome may be no Russian track and field athletes in Rio. I hope they recognise it is time to change."

Pound added that the latest revelations were just the tip of the iceberg and other sports and nations would probably be unveiled as cheats. "We don't think Russia is the only country with a doping problem and athletics is not the only sport with a doping problem."