The World Dog Awards
The World Dog Awards, will air this Thursday, 15 January at 8pm ET on The CW The CW Network

The CW Network has announced that The World Dog Awards, will debut its inaugural ceremony, this Thursday, 15 January at 8pm ET.

Filmed at the aptly named Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, the Award show will be hosted by Comedian George Lopez.

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Many dog-loving celebrities scheduled to appear at the awards ceremony include Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), Jason Gann (Wilfred) and Justin Silver (Dogs in the City).

The World Dog Awards will honour some of the most laudable puppies, from the ones who have achieved fame in world of entertainment or on social media to everyday dogs who have had an impact on the lives of their human companions.

Awards will be handed out for Best in Film, Top TV Dog, Supporting Actor to a Dog and Dog of the Year etc.

Ian Somerhalder at the The World Dog Awards
Ian Somerhalder attends the The World Dog Awards in California The CW Network

Viewers can send tweets at #dogtales and share stories of their special relationship with their dogs.

A few selected stories will feature during the broadcast.

Categories for The World Dog Awards (via Zap2it)

Best in Film: Awarded to the best dog-centric film of the past 25 years

Top TV Dog: Awarded to the top dog in a current television series

Celebrity Dog Selfie: Awarded to the top social media-posted selfie featuring a celebrity and his or her dog

Supporting Actor to a Dog: Awarded for the best performance by a human actor alongside a dog

Best Actor Playing a Dog: Awarded for the best performance by an actor in the role of a dog

Top Movie Dog: Awarded for the best contemporary performance by a dog in a film

A-List Dog: Awarded to the celebrity dog that has made the biggest impact in the media

Dog of the Year: Awarded to the dog that has made the biggest impact in pop culture this year

Top Spot: The best television commercial starring a dog

Best Mascot: Honoring the most beloved cheerleader in a dog costume from collegiate sports


Most Pawpular: Awarded to the dog with the most influential social media presence

Performing Pups: Awarded to the best performing dog

Happiest Reunion: Awarded for the most inspiring moment when a soldier and his or her dog were reunited

Hot Dog: Awarded to the most talented extreme sports dog

America's Top Mutt: Showcasing the cutest, funniest and most ridiculous mutts

Most Dog-Like Cat: Awarded to the cat with the most canine personality traits


Dog's Best Friend: Presented by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), this award will go to the celebrity who has advanced the welfare of homeless dogs and dog-related causes.

K911: Presented by Subaru, this award will go to a dog who has helped save a child's life.

"The Dog's Life" Achievement Award: Awarded to an iconic dog character in popular culture that has had a huge cultural impact.

Underdog: This honour is bestowed upon a pup that has overcome incredible obstacles or odds.