Since 2012, the 12th of August has been a day dedicated to bringing attention to the plight of elephants in Asia and Africa. According to the founders, World Elephant Day "asks you to help conserve and protect elephants from the numerous threats they face".

The Asian Elephant has been classified as endangered by the IUCN since 1986 but still faces cruel treatment all over the continent. Elsewhere poaching for ivory is still a regular threat faced by the great creatures.

But alongside these sobering reminders of the situation elephants around the world are forced into - it is good to remember that they are also just really, really adorable. Witnessing the creatures tumbling along a dusty trail, ripping off leaves with their sweet little trunks, the heart melts. With this in mind, we here at IBTimes UK have gathered together some pictures of elephants just doing what elephants do - all to remind everybody that the lovable critters are such lumbering giants in motion and their importance to the planet.

Elephants enjoy a giant pumpkin snack
Elephants enjoy a giant pumpkin snack in Sydney, Australia Getty
Elephant calves play at Amboseli
Elephant calves play at the Amboseli National Park Getty