Waxwork models of famous personalities around the world either amaze fans due to their striking similarity to well-known names, or make them recoil in bemusement at just how badly sculptors can get it wrong.

Here, IBTimes UK takes a look at some of the best and worst waxwork models around the world.

David and Samantha Cameron
Butter wouldn’t melt in the mouth of UK Prime Minster David Cameron as he stands solemnly beside his beaming wife Samantha. This is probably because Samantha is actually standing next to a lifelike wax representation of the British premier.  Reuters
Nicole Kidman
Aside from the static pose, the only giveaway that this actually isn\'t Oscar-winning Australian actress Nicole Kidman would be when she begins to melt after hours under the scorching Sydney sun. Reuters
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is famed for her serious and business-like hair style, which has remained the same for years. Old habits apparently die hard – even where wax dummies of the German Chancellor are concerned. Reuters
President Obama
Barack Obama\'s mainstream popularity has earned him the moniker \'the Teflon President\'. There\'s certainly no risk of anything sticking to this glazed and glossy wax representation of the US leader, shown here beside a figure of First Lady Michelle Obama. Reuters
Lady Gaga
The daring outfit on this waxwork dummy of Lady Gaga is perhaps one of the more conservative sartorial choices of the unconventional singer, who is known for her outrageous and eye-catching dress sense. Reuters
Justin Bieber
Pop singer Justin Bieber\'s effect on teenage girls has been widely documented. As this image clearly shows, even a wax figure of the teen crooner is enough to sending young female fans into paroxysms of delight. Reuters
Martin Luther King
We\'ll never know what Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King would have made of this fairly accurate representation of the civic leader, who was assassinated on April 4 1968. Reuters
Whether in real life or as a waxwork figure, singer Rihanna always ensures she is immaculately well turned out for the cameras. Reuters
Prince William
Even baby Prince George wouldn\'t mistake this unlikely wax dummy for Britain\'s Prince William. Reuters