A Donald Trump-supporting super PAC sent a 12-year-old girl to interview Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for a campaign video, and Twitter couldn't stop cringing. America First Project, a pro-Trump advocacy group founded by Breitbart staffers, posted a video of Millie March interviewing the embattled candidate about his campaign this week.

The 12-year-old first rose to fame last year as a vocal supporter of Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign.

"We decided that we were going to bring Millie to Alabama, after everything that's happened in this Alabama Senate race up until this point," America First Project's Jennifer Lawrence said towards the beginning of the video, adding that they hoped to show there are a "wide range of people who support Roy Moore."

During the interview at Alabama GOP headquarters, March opened by asking Moore whether he would support Trump in building the US-Mexico border wall.

"I think the military can be used down with the border patrol... and stop illegal aliens coming across the border," Moore answered. "If we need to stop it permanently, we build the wall, and I think it would be not an inexpensive way to do it."

When asked about what he believes are the most important issues to voters in Alabama, he replied religious liberty, health care and taxes.

Moore was also asked about what he thinks are the characteristics of a "really, really good Senator" to which he responded: "Following the constitution and adhering to principle."

"You're there to serve the people," Moore said. "A lot of the issues that I stand for would be for the food of the country."

Twitter, on the other hand, heavily criticised the video as "tone-deaf" and "cringeworthy" in light of the sexual allegations levied against Moore. Multiple women have come forward in recent months accusing Moore of sexually assaulting or harassing them, some of whom said the incidents took place when they were just teenagers.

Moore has denied the allegations and dismissed calls for him to step down from the race. Despite the fierce backlash, President Donald Trump has endorsed Moore saying "Roy Moore denies it" and encouraged people to get out and vote for him.

Social media users, however, were unforgiving in their criticism of the campaign video.

"Who, in what alternate universe, thought this was a good idea?" one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: "I thought they'd hit the lowest of the low. But then this despicable, cynical move."

roy moore
A Trump-supporting super PAC arranged to have embattled Roy Moore interviewed by a 12-year-old girl and Twitter slammed the move as "disgusting." Drew Angerer/Getty Images