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Dustin Patrick Runnels, who made Goldust into one of the greatest heels in the WWE, at one point of his career came up with a crazy idea to keep his eccentric in-ring character relevant with the fans after the entertainment company ran out of storylines for his gimmick.

WWE veteran Bruce Prichard has now revealed the idea the wrestler had to revive his career in the squared circle. Runnels wanted to get breast implants to further his career, the former manager and producer of the WWE said, adding the idea would have never been entertained by the wrestling promotion.

"I think we were in Madison Square Garden and there had been some guy that had gotten breast implants and there was a lot to do about it. Everything was fizzling," Prichard said on his podcast, Something To Wrestle, according to Wrestling Inc.

He added, "There was no real direction with Goldust at the time. In my head it happened at Madison Square Garden where Dustin had worked himself up for this pitch."

Prichard said Runnels pitched his idea to everyone backstage except Vince McMahon, who knew about what was on the mind of the 48-year-old wrestler as he, Vince Russo and Jim Ross had told the chairman of the company about it.

"There was no way in hell that Vince McMahon was going to allow him to do this. He didn't want him to do it," Prichard said.

He added, "We had jumped the shark so many times on this gimmick that this was something that wasn't going to happen. Dustin Rhodes felt that this is the only thing that can revive his career. He really wanted to get the breast implants. Get Double D's and stuff, but thank God Vince McMahon talked him out of it."

Prichard also disclosed that Goldberg hated the 2003 backstage segment with Goldust on Monday Night Raw because he thought he killed his gimmick by wearing a blonde wig.

"He felt that it killed his gimmick and killed everything about him," Prichard said. "He never let us forget it either; he would bring it up often about putting a wig on his head, but it was an attempt to make Bill Goldberg entertaining."

Dustin Patrick Runnels is Goldust in the WWE ring (File photo) Getty Images