In the fight against COVID-19, resources are already spread thin as demand for supplies, equipment, manpower, and others continue to rise. The impact the pandemic has on economies is evidently alarming, but high-profile companies are still extending their support. Microsoft is encouraging Xbox One owners to play, earn in-game achievements, rent movies, and make purchases using the platform. In exchange, the company will make donations to the CDC Foundation.

All types of donations are being welcomed by those in the front lines. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals urge people to stay home to curb new infections. Hence, this initiative allows gamers to stay entertained and contribute to the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. This is made possible as the company makes a small tweak to how its existing system works.

By default, the Microsoft Rewards program lets players earn points from any of the aforementioned activities. These can be then redeemed for virtual currency, gift cards, and more. Xbox One users now have the option to donate the points they have accumulated to the CDC Fund for COVID-19. For every 1,000 points that are processed, Microsoft will reportedly match it with a dollar of its own, as detailed by Windows Central.

Information on how gamers can get started is available on the official Xbox website. "Here's how it works: If you are not already a Microsoft Rewards member, sign up for free through the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox One or online at and earn points simply by playing games on your Xbox. Then donate your Rewards points to the CDC Foundation," reads the instructions.

"Hit the CDC Foundation button on the Xbox One dash to tell Microsoft you want to donate your Rewards points to the CDC Foundation, then Microsoft will match your donation one-to-one. 1,000 Rewards points is equal to $1 donated," continues the advisory.

Xbox One X
Microsoft's Xbox One X. Microsoft

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now working with the gaming industry to encourage people to remain indoors and just play video games. The movement is called #PlayApartTogether and is noted by most as a surprising turnaround after the agency earlier published a report that highlighted video game addiction as a mental disorder. The Xbox One donation drive arrives shortly after Sony announced its own funding program for COVID-19.