A Tiananmen Square survivor called on the UK government to criticise China's human rights just a day before he was arrested. Dr Shao Jiang, an outspoken critic of President Xi Jinping's regime, told IBTimes UK that David Cameron should speak out publicly on China's human rights violations.

"Otherwise [the UK government] will damage their human rights standards and undermine democracy," he warned.

The 47-year-old made the comments as he protested alongside The Mall hours before Cameron, Xi and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a state banquet hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace in honour of the Chinese premier.

The human rights activist also praised Corbyn's plan to raise the issue in a private meeting with the Communist Party leader later that day.

As part of a separate protest, Jiang was arrested on 21 October outside of Mansion House while wearing the Tibetan flag and raising two signs reading "End Autocracy" and "Democracy Now" for allegedly attempting to stop the Chinese premier's motorcade as Xi attended a reception at the Lord Mayor of London's residence.

The arrest, reported in The Independent, drew criticism from the Tibetan community. The Metropolitan Police said it initially detained Jiang and two female protesters to prevent a breach of the peace. The force later further arrested the three on suspicion of conspiracy to commit threatening behaviour. Jiang's home was also searched by the Metropolitan Police after the arrest and computer equipment was taken away from his residence.

"The policing of the state visit – including this part of the operation – was a matter for the police and to suggest we were doing anything but the regular police work associated with public order and ceremonial events is wrong," a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said.

"We facilitate peaceful protests – that is a fundamental part of our democracy and the Metropolitan Police acts without fear or favour – but we will also investigate possible criminality that could put the safety of London at risk and will not be dissuaded from doing that."

The demonstrators were released on police bail on 23 October and Jiang revealed on social media site Twitter that the conditions prohibited him from being within 100m of the Chinese president and not to be within one mile of the prime minister's country estate, Chequers.

Xi will finish his UK visit on 23 October by visiting Manchester and touring Manchester City Football Club's academy with Cameron as well as attending a lunch at the city's town hall.