Yahoo has announced that it will shut services such as Yahoo Games, LiveText and Boss. The move comes after the California-based company revealed last month that it will focus only on core segments in an attempt to restructure the firm.

"After a careful evaluation... as part of our efforts to focus on select areas, the Yahoo Games site and publishing channel will be discontinued as of Friday, May 13, 2016," said Amotz Maimon, chief architect and lead of Tech Council at Yahoo, while sharing the company's Q1 progress report.

Apart from Yahoo Games, it plans to bury LiveText by the end of this month and Yahoo regional media properties in the coming weeks. "LiveText allowed us to experiment with new user experiences and features to drive innovations in our products. We plan to incorporate the learnings and features into Yahoo products including Yahoo Messenger, our core messaging platform," Maimon said on Tumbler.

Yahoo Games was launched in 1998 post the acquisition of Classic Games a year earlier. It was one of its oldest known properties. In another move, the company has launched an e-sport portal for gamers, which is part of Yahoo Sports.

Since it announced its restructuring, the internet giant has announced a slew of closures that included Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Autos and Yahoo Real Estate.

In February, CEO Marissa Mayer had made the company's plans public, where she said that Yahoo would embark on a transformation journey to return to modest and accelerating growth by 2018. Accordingly, the internet portal planned to simplify its product portfolio to only three platforms namely Search, Mail and Tumblr, in select segments like news, sports, finance and lifestyle.