The bunker is situated 100m into a mountain Objektvision.se

Looking for a new holiday home in the countryside? For the snippet of the price of a one-bedroom London flat, you can buy a bunker carved into a mountain in Sweden that is able to withstand a nuclear attack.

Swedish estate agents Objektvision are advertising the unusual property as a pad to relax in or a place for "bomb-safe" storage. The bunker is situated 100 metres inside a mountain in Boden, northern Sweden, and has two floors with around 800m2 space in total.

John Nilsson, one of the estate agents in charge of trying to sell the property, told The Local the bunker was built by the Swedish military after the Second World War to provide a safe space for military and municipal leaders if an atomic attack were to take place.

To get to the bunker, you have to pass through a long tunnel leading to a steel door.

You then go through an airlock in order to prevent guests bringing contamination into the building. There is also a decontamination centre with showers.

There is a kitchen and dining room, toilets, a "VIP room" and two guest rooms, as well as a room with welding equipment - for all your welding needs. There is even a laser-tag arena. The entire top floor of the bunker is decorated in a Star Wars theme.

It is completely self-sufficient, with its own energy and water supplies. So if the worst came to the worst, you would be pretty set-up.

"I have to say it's the most special property I've ever sold!" Nilsson told The Local.

Bids for the bunker are starting at 1.9 million Swedish Kronor - which is around £178,000 ($234,600).

It also has laser-tag room Objektvision.se
There is a Star Wars theme on one floor Objektvision.se
A view of the bunker from the outside Objektvision.se
The bunker was built as a safe house for military personnel Objektvision.se